Homemade Granola Bars


I stumbled across this recipe for granola bars recently and was surprised how easy they were to make, with a few modifications, and how tasty the end result was. They cut into 12 even slices and fit perfectly into Ry’s new PlanetBox (there’s a long, skinny compartment I’m pretty sure must be intended for granola […]

Turkey Sloppy Joes (garlic-free, gluten-free)

Sometimes the easiest recipes are easily forgotten about. Actually, we never even ate Sloppy Joes growing up. The few times I remember eating them is while visiting my Grandparents, & they came straight out of the can. Yep, Manwich. I just read the Michael Pollan quote, “Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food,” […]

Rainbow Cupcakes (vegan, dairy-free)


Yesterday, I made these sweet little rainbow cupcakes, an idea courtesy of Pinterest. I repinned this months ago, but as usual, never followed through. When you click on the link, there’s actually no directions in English, but there’s a good set of photos to walk you through the steps. So what I did was divide […]

Candy Corn (gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, corn-free)


This past week was filled with lots of Halloween festivities, especially in Rylee’s classroom. I have to say, I cannot even begin to explain how happy it makes me that their parties, treats, candy, etc. is so very limited in the classroom. Where other parents were making Halloween-themed cupcakes & sweet treats to take in, […]

Spicy Thai Noodles

We’ve really been enjoying stir-fry’s lately, ever since I found A Taste of Thai rice noodles ‘reduced for quick-sale’ at our local grocery store. We’ve used rice noodles a fair amount in the past, but these ones come with tasty recipes on the back & they also have a Garlic Chili Sauce that is absolutely […]

Banana Bread

The wind is blowing, the leaves are falling, the fire is roaring & banana bread is in the oven. It’s just a baking, lounging kind of day. We still managed to get out for our morning activities, followed by our relatively new routine of picking Ry up from kindergarten in the afternoon, but we were […]

Easter Brunch

This year, we are kind of on hold with Easter plans. Yesterday was my due date &, well, she’s still not here, so as long as I’m not in the hospital on Sunday, here’s our brunch plan (& here is last year’s menu, in case you need some more inspiration). ~ Turkey: roasted with olive […]

Chow Mein, kind of…

I am really loving coconut aminos! Our local health food store now carries it, & while it’s expensive, it’s just so nice to have something to replace soy sauce with. It opens up a whole new realm of recipes! Tonight I was searching for an Asian noodle recipe & the one I decided to got […]

Spanish Rice

My parents are both great cooks, but for some reason, every time they attempted Spanish rice, it was bad- mushy & flavorless. It didn’t even resemble the stuff you got at Mexican restaurants, except, I guess, the hint of red. So, it was instead made from a box. There were very few things made from […]

Noodles with Veggies & Almond Butter Sauce

Each week we get our CSA (community-supported agriculture) order of fresh, organic produce from Full Circle Farms. They always include a couple of recipes that sound delicious, but often need big modifications, of course. This week there was one for Linguine with Snow Peas, Cucumber & Peanut Sauce. It needed a few big changes to […]