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I’m sitting here, with a very sick & sleeping three year-old & a napping 11-month old. My six-year old is at his violin lesson, with his Papa. As a result, this blog is getting some posts. I always have ideas floating around, what I want to post next, but any free time given to blogging, usually goes to my photography site. Of course, when I actually post here, I swear it’s the beginning of some long overdue regular blogging attempt (that, honestly, never gets regular). Well, maybe this time it will, or maybe it won’t. Either way, I think these articles are worth reading:

Allergies cut by friendly bacteria supplement, Swansea University study finds

Researchers Discover Genetic Basis for Eczema, New Avenue to Therapies

Do fast foods cause asthma, rhinoconjunctivities and eczema? Global findings from the International Study of Asthma & Allergies in Childhood (ISAAC) Phase Three

Allergy Help: Treating Food Allergies with Chinese Medicine

Spleen Dysfunction & Food Allergy: A TCM Perspective

Food Allergies Linked to Pesticides


  1. Hazel says:

    Hi Breanna,
    Your blog is fantastic! I can’t believe the similarities in our son is also born in 2007, has multiple IgE and IgG issues, severe candida and severe and chronic eczema. I also have a daughter born in 2005 and she has similar issues, just to a less severe degree. Both kids developed their issues around the same time – I can’t pinpoint the trigger, but I suspect it was yet another round of antibiotics for numerous ear infections (I now know all we needed was hydrogen peroxide….ah well!) and following vaccinations too…
    We are starting LDA treatments tomorrow, and I am so brimming with hope, fear and excitement. I’m so glad it has been helpful for your family.
    It sounds like many of the things we research are on a similar vein too – I love your recipes, can’t wait to try some of these. We wasted years of time, money and energy on allopathic doctors who insisted that food intolerance had nothing to do with eczema (we know this is untrue!) and finally stumbled upon an integrative doctor who treats all the things we need him to treat – candida, ADD, allergies…and he offers LDA.
    Anyway, thanks for an awesome blog, I really enjoy it and look forward to your future posts :)

    • Breanna says:

      Hazel- thanks so much for stopping by & writing a little about your journey; it’s such a struggle, & honestly, nice to know we’re not alone in this journey. I hope, hope, hope LDA helps you out tremendously!! I’d love to hear how it goes!

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