Some Interesting (Helpful?) Articles

December 24, 2012-DSC_4104

I’m sitting here, with a very sick & sleeping three year-old & a napping 11-month old. My six-year old is at his violin lesson, with his Papa. As a result, this blog is getting some posts. I always have ideas floating around, what I want to post next, but any free time given to blogging, […]


Ry’s cough seems to be getting nastier all of the sudden. I wish I knew the culprit. After our trip to the TCM Healing Center in June, we saw subtle improvements. He’d still get his coughing fits sporadically, but we weren’t using the albuterol inhaler as often. He also was not having his nighttime coughing […]

Seeking Alternative Medical Care

Standard Western medicine failed us. As harsh as this sounds, I don’t intend for this to be mean. I know in many instances, it is necessary and life-saving, but it is closed-minded. For well over a year, maybe close to two-years, we went to the allergist, pediatrician, dermatologist, etc. and listened to what they told […]

What do our Traditional Chinese Medicine appointments encompass?

I’m still learning a lot about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), but I wanted to post briefly on what happens at our appointments and how amazing Ry’s skin has been since we’ve had our three visits. To begin, our doctor looks at Ry’s tongue to see if there is any coating on it. He does still […]

A Year of Healing

It’s amazing an entire year has passed since we began Rylee’s journey towards good health. Although we have not arrived at our final destination, we have still come a long way. Our allergic adventures began when Ry was a baby. Around 20 months we first learned about his multiple allergies and intolerances so we pulled […]

Life is Good

Five days into our vacation and we are having fun! We are happily soaking up our vitamin D, playing in the water, visiting family and eating fresh fruit. Best of all, Ry is having a great time. After our Hawaii vacation in February, I was a bit unsure of how this vacation would go (Hawaii […]

LDA, TCM, ETA’s, oh my….

We are prepping for our seventh low dose allergy shot (LDA), which Rylee will get this Thursday. We’ve also decided to go to Los Angeles to visit a traditional chinese medicine (TCM) doctor, who is supposed to be amazing for children with eczema and allergies. Since I was on the abbreviation kick and we’re headed […]