Vitamin D

I've talked about Vitamin D before, but I got this article in my Dr. Mercola newsletter today, so I wanted to post a quick note on it again. Vitamin D is extremely important for a wide variety of illnesses and diseases, including allergies, eczema, and asthma. Because we live in Alaska, our doctor advises us (adults) 10,000 iu's/day, 2,000 iu's/day for Rylee (toddlers) and 1,000 iu's/day for Coven (infants). I encourage you to read the article and include Vitamin D3 with your daily supplements and vitamins. Click herefor the link to the article.

Click here for the link to the Vitamin D3 we use (it contains lanolin and coconut and palm oil)

Click herefor the link to a Vitamin D3 that contains lanolin and olive oil.