My best friend had a beautiful, healthy baby boy five days ago; this has inspired me to post a little blurb on vaccines. I don't want to say that you should do this or you should do that, but I do want to say educate yourself. I think it is extremely important that whatever vaccines you choose to give (or not to give) that you are knowledgeable about your choice. I think we are put into this role where we automatically trust the doctor or nurse that tells us to give all of these at this age, but why? So read up on the vaccines and research them so you can answer why; you won't regret knowing why you are doing something for your child. I will list some references that I have found very useful for our vaccine choices. I will also add that for Rylee we followed the vaccine schedule that is recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), starting with Hepatitis B at birth, and ending with close to 30 vaccines by age 2. Coven is on a different schedule, we are only doing DTaP and HIB; we started those at 4 months and he only gets one vaccine once a month. I had not done any research on vaccines for Rylee, but have for Coven. So do your research and know what your doing and why...again, I promise I'm not encouraging/pushing one side or the other, I'm just telling you to please educate yourself- it's important!

Dr. Robert Sears- The Vaccine BookChildren's Health Choices - Dr. Kenneth Bock's proposed scheduleDr. Joseph Mercola- "STOP! Read This Before Vaccinating for Anything"Dr. Joseph Mercola- "VERY Important Vaccine Question"CNN article- "Should I Vaccinate my Baby?"Mothering magazine- The Vaccine Debate