Update: The Asthma Question

I wanted to post a really quick update on Ry since starting him on singulair. Two things have happened that are worth noting. First of all, his cough has gone away. No more waking up in the middle of the night and no more coughing after running around like a crazy 3-year old. However, he has also started stuttering. This is both strange and disturbing, in my opinion. It started happening about five days after starting singulair, but we didn't make the correlation right away. That was last Wednesday, by Thursday it was just as bad and on Friday, we realized it was probably the medication, so we stopped it and called the doctor. One of his recommendations was to cut back the dose; we decided to try every other day. Saturday, there was no stuttering.

On Sunday, we gave him his dose (which he did not get Saturday) because we were going to a birthday party, where there would be plenty of running and we didn't want his cough to start up. That was the last dose he's gotten. The fact that he is still stuttering, five days after the last dose, is extremely bothersome. The cough is also still gone. So, I'm really not sure if this confirms that he has asthma because singulair is also for allergy treatment. His doctor thinks it may actually be environmental allergens. At this point, I guess we'll just have to wait and see if the cough eventually comes back. All I know, is I want the stuttering to be gone. That just plain freaks me out; not a side effect I want to deal with!