Tortilla Chips

Yum! We had tortilla chips a couple days ago and they were so tasty. I usedthis recipe from the Book of Yum site, it was for Jowar roti and the only ingredients are sorghum flour, water, and salt, so check it out. It is great for making tortillas/flatbread. It was just like making corn tortillas, but without the corn, yipee! It did seem time consuming, but easy (is that even possible?!?). After I cooked all the tortillas, I sliced them like a pie and put them in the deep fryer. After that, I sprinkled them with salt, then topped them with refried black beans and avocado chunks. Even my dad liked them, and he usually thinks anything I give him to try is bad (not a good taste tester). So check out the link and enjoy this little recipe masterpiece. I love it when I find something that tastes so good and Ry can actually eat it. Yum!