Three Corn-free Fruit Snacks

Allergies can make snack foods hard to come by, especially when you have multiple allergies and intolerances. Besides fresh fruit and veggies, a snack that has been great for us is Stretch Island Fruit Co. fruit leathers. They only contain fruit, wow! No corn in obvious or hidden language. Even better, Costco carries them, which means you can get a big box for a low price. Now were talking, especially with how expensive most of the foods we buy for Rylee are. Another one is Safeway's O Organics applesauce cups. We typically buy the unsweetened ones for snacks-to-go because there is nothing more but apples and water in it. Also, when we were at Wal-Mart recently, I came across freeze-dried fruit bags that Ry can actually eat. They are made by Ariel Natural Foods and called Fruitwell. They had them in apple, banana or mango. When checking the ingredients, they are just what they say on the front- apple, banana or mango and nothing more. They are not the cheapest snack (about $4.00/bag), but it is fun to actually be able to get Rylee a treat when we go to the store. Plus, he sits in the cart snacking on them while we get our shopping done. Anything that makes our lives just a tad bit easier is a wonderful thing!