The Planetbox Lunchbox

The monotony of school lunches wears on both Mike & I. Wake up. Stumble to the kitchen. Open the fridge. Hope for leftovers. No leftovers today. Get creative. Tomorrow, repeat. Yes, I'm shining the darkest light onto school mornings, when it's really not that bad. But it's the repeat part, every morning, that gets to us both. Sometimes I think it'd be easier if we could just make sandwiches every day (Ry can't have yeast, & we don't always have yeast-free bread made). Then when we do have bread around, it's not any easier. So really, it's just a lame excuse. A couple of weeks ago, we started using the Planetbox lunchbox. I had big plans to make a bunch of neat lunches, photograph them & then share them all here. However, it's dark in the mornings & I haven't made any mock lunches in the afternoon. So rather than wait any longer to share this amazing invention, I'm providing you with pictures of the lunchbox in all it's plain & simple glory. It really is glorious. I mean, who gets excited about a lunchbox? Well, me. Like, really, really excited. I'd read a lot of happy customer reviews, but wasn't really  sure if it could make the morning lunchtime routine actually easier. But it does. So much easier! Something about those little compartments, like there's an invisible note attached to each in, telling you what to fill it up with. A little bit crazy, yes, but truly, these things are awesome. Most importantly, Ry loves it. He's eating a lot more, & a lot more well-rounded. The fruit & veggies aren't returning home. Some examples of lunches we've done:

1. crackers; dairy-free cheese; hummus; lunchmeat; grapes & granola bar. An allergy-friendly, healthy lunchable.

2. sandwich; apple slices; cucumber slices; potato chips.

3. leftover rice & beans; strawberries; carrot sticks; black olives.

4. leftover enchiladas; grapes; granola bar; cucumber slices & hummus.

Sometimes we drop a few chocolate chips in the middle square, it's the perfect spot for a little sweet treat.

Mike said to me 'are you going to give this a good review? you should.' He doesn't really get excited about things like I do; in fact, this reaction to the lunchbox quite surprised me. But it also reiterates it's awesomeness. Plus, the additional two containers are a huge added bonus. We've been putting apple slices in the bigger one for snack time, & have used the small one for hummus or dairy-free ranch. The carrying case perfectly holds a water bottle (we've been putting Ry's small kleen kanteen in there), as well as the large dipper for snacktime. Inside, there's a place to put a napkin & utensils.

If it's not obvious, I highly recommend this- it's well worth the investment. I think it may actually be saving us money. We don't buy a lot of processed food, but I've been buying even less in the last couple weeks. The fruit snacks, applesauce pouches, granola bars, juice boxes, etc. haven't made their way into my grocery cart. It's being replaced by fresh fruit & veggies because it's actually being eaten in the planetbox (& the granola bars I referred to above, I made from scratch, inspired by this recipe). This particular model is the Rover complete set, it includes the carrying case, dipper set and decorative magnets. The magnets are a big hit with the kids. Not just for kids, the Planetbox is for anyone who takes lunch with them.

You can click here to go directly to the PlanetBox website, to purchase .

Disclaimer: Planetbox provided me with a free sample of this product to review, and I was under no obligation to write a positive review in return for the free product.