The Perfect Epi-pen Case

For quite some time, I've been using a bottle holder for Ry's epi-pen case. I didn't think much of it, until he started school. The school nurse was quite impressed by the little case- she uses pencil cases for each student, but they're a bit smaller & uninsulated. I like the insulation because epi-pens are supposed to be kept at or below room temperature (77 degrees). This isn't really a problem for us, but for those of you who live where the sun shines, it can pose a predicament. I've heard of people actually keeping their epi-pens in a cooler in the hot, summer months, especially when in the car. The bottle holder, while intended to strap onto your diaper bag for your baby, perfectly holds his double pack of epi-pens, a bottle of antihistamine & albuterol inhalor. All the while, being kept at a safe, cool temperature. I have two bottle holders, one for school & one for my purse. You can find them on amazon or I just ordered the robot from  

all three products we keep in the case

The bottle holder full of all three necessary prescriptions...these are on us at all times.