Sushi, without the rice or seafood, please!

Rylee loves sushi, he would eat it everyday, except that we are not currently giving him rice. Well, we've solved that problem. Who said sushi needed rice, anyway? We've been using the nori wrappers just like a tortilla or sandwich wrap. We fill it up with whatever veggies we have and some cooked venison burger and then roll it up just like a sushi roll. Today, he had "tempura" fried broccoli and ground burger; yesterday it was ground burger and zucchini; last week I used black beans and avocado. It's pretty much up to your imagination when it comes to the filling. I also made a very good "cheesy" cauliflower scramble today and we put that in his wrap, too. I'm going to make it again tonight, with measurements, so I can post it. It was so good, just cauliflower in coconut oil, then an arrowroot/coconut milk mixture added to it. It tasted cheesy; Rylee devoured it and I had to put it away so I didn't help him! He actually ate about half a head of cauliflower at lunchtime, plus his sushi. It was that good! Update: on our California vacation, we were able to get ApplegateFarmsturkey lunchmeat on a regular basis. This stuff is great- Rylee tolerates it and it taste good, but it is on the spendy side. It was so nice, though, being able to make a sandwich wrap with the lunchmeat, veggies and some Bubbies sauerkraut (that may sound weird, but Ry loved it in there!). Don't hesitate to use whatever you like for sandwich fillers- get creative!