Rylee gets a nice daily dose of supplements and we try to make sure he gets the same everyday, but we feel really good about at least getting him one dose. It's hard to make sure a three-year old take his vitamins, especially multiple times a day. I use brainchild nutritionals liquid supplements and I really like them. He is on their spectrum support II and we try to do 4 tsp./day, but he's been very resistant to them lately, maybe because we're on vacation? so he gets about 2 tsp./day. We also use their magnesium, 2 tsp./day, and molybdenum, 1 tsp./day. We also give him 5-MTHF every day, which is 1,000mcg of folate. There's a recent study on folate levels and asthma and allergies. Click here for the link.

We also use brainchild's probiotic, which is dairy-free and 100 billion cfu's. Then he gets his diflucan every day and attempt to do nystatin every day.

We also use benadryl and zyrtec when needed, often they do not help, unless we are dealing with hives or environmental triggers. Zyrtec seems better for us, we sometimes try it at night for better sleep, but neither of them make much of a difference, if any at all. So I think that's everything for now, I'll update if I remember anything else....