Snack Tray

We spent last weekend at my parents cabin on the beach; we spend a lot of time there especially in the summer and it's always much-needed. We were lucky enough to watch a humpback come in to scratch its barnacles in the surf. It was incredible. The kids kept shouting "this is like National Geographic!!!" It really was, their expressions were priceless; I'm pretty sure they knew how fortunate we were to experience it. 

Heading out the road also means using the bbq and having fires, which pretty much equates to hot dogs and marshmallows. Since we've been avoiding sugar, and lots of other stuff, this summer, there's two things don't fit into the equation very well. Plus, we've been eating so much produce, the kids are actually asking for it these days. It's kind of funny and also makes you realize how fast our eating habits can change. I thought I'd share a quick snack platter we had one afternoon, as inspiration- apples and almond butter, strawberries, olives, rainbow carrot sticks and guacamole and cherry tomatoes. We added some hard boiled eggs to the mix, too. It was quick, easy and satisfying. 

Hope your summer is treating you with much-needed relaxation!