Sleep is Sweet

Dealing with eczema sucks. I tried to think of a nicer word to use here, but I can’t. Sucks is about the nicest word I can come up. It’s emotionally painful to have your child suffer so much and hardly be able to do anything about it. There are plenty of things out there to try, but everything takes time. I don’t think it took too much time for Ry’s skin to get really bad, but, boy, has it taken a lot of time to get him healthy again. Arghh…..When eczema is a daily battle your fighting, you need your sleep, but often, eczema is worse at night and keeps the babies awake. Arghh….(again)

Exhaustion and eczema seem to go hand-in-hand and that’s not a pleasurable combination. So, as you can imagine, these last few weeks of Ry actually sleeping pretty good has been absolutely amazing. It’s hard to even describe the beauty of it. We haven’t slept good in years. I know bad nights of sleep comes with parenting, but I don’t think you can really understand how bad our nights have been, unless you are going through similar struggles. I’m not talking about your child waking 2 or 3 times a night, I mean up every single hour, tossing and turning in between; holding his hands down so he doesn’t itch until there’s blood; holding him because if you lay him down he’ll wake up and the itching will take over; laying in bed in the mornings, unable to move, because he’ll wake up; it’s just night after night of restless sleep.

In between it all, Cove would wake and nurse and go back to sleep. He’s been a good sport through everything. But lately, Ry wakes once or twice a night. Yeah, there’s a little restlessness here and there, but overall, he’s sleeping, a lot! This means we’re all sleeping, we’re rested, we’re functioning, we’re happy- Ry’s functioning and happy! He's also falling asleep and waking up without having "itching fits."

When he gets really tired, he gets itchier and often, this mean bedtime and waking-up involved a lot of itching, but not lately. He's actually shutting his eyes and going to sleep quickly or waking up and asking for breakfast or ready to play with his brother. It's awesome! I don’t have a precise answer for this newfound sleep, but I think it has resulted from a few things. After his last LDA shot (#6), his skin started to get better, not great immediately after, but gradually better. The sleep hadn’t really improved, though. He was also off his yeast medication for a couple weeks, but was back on flagyl for his clostridium. We didn’t see an immediate reaction to flagyl the second time around, but he did start to sleep better. Then we put him back on antifungals because his skin started to get extremely dry and appeared “yeasty.” He really started to clear after that; he usually has an eczema patch about the size of a quarter or so underneath his chin- this is gone and it’s been gone for a few weeks now.

I think it’s a combo of LDA and treating clostridium and yeast overgrowth. We do occasionally give him in zyrtec before bed, if he is itchier than usual, but not often. With sleep comes a much better ability to deal with his eczema- we are all so much happier and rested.  Sleep is sweet. We desperately need it, but allergies and eczema make us desperate for it. The last couple of years, we’ve had very limited stretches (maybe a couple of nights) of good sleep, but never this long; it’s exciting, we’re really on the right track to finally helping our little man!