Seeking Alternative Medical Care

Standard Western medicine failed us. As harsh as this sounds, I don’t intend for this to be mean. I know in many instances, it is necessary and life-saving, but it is closed-minded. For well over a year, maybe close to two-years, we went to the allergist, pediatrician, dermatologist, etc. and listened to what they told us. We believed them, that Ry would grow out of his allergies and eczema by two, by three, by five, etc. That’s about all we believed from them. The dermatologist never even saw him naked and once told me how much better he looked, when in fact he was at his worst state. When we decided to seek alternative medicine for Ry, we were not supported; we were made to feel like we were bad parents and told we were wasting our money, yet no one could do anything to help Ry get better. He was only getting worse and we were all suffering because of it.

Ry was sick- he was skinny, his stomach was distended, he was not absorbing any nutrients, none of us slept, he always had a staph infection, he reacted to everything he ate and it didn’t matter what we did, he was still sick. He did not start to heal until we found a doctor, who practices environmental medicine, who wanted to treat his problems, instead of doing a quick-fix to his symptoms (which we’re never fixed!). This last year we have made huge steps forward with the yeast treatment, clostridium treatment and LDA. However, since we have gone to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor, we have seen the biggest impacts thus far. I cannot get over how soft his hands and wrists still are. His earwax is all but gone. His stools are normal. His skin is amazing, although he is not rash-free all of the time, he is most of the time. He hasn’t been on antifungals or digestive enzymes in three weeks, without any negative impact. He hasn’t had a staph infection in three weeks. I finally feel like we have found the last missing piece to our puzzle.

He does have a cough that has been lingering this summer and at times, I am convinced it’s asthma. I’ve taken him in for it, but because of his age, no one wants to diagnose asthma just yet. Perhaps it is an allergic reaction to an inhalant allergy, I’m not sure. We do have an albuterol inhaler and spacer with a mask to use when it gets bad. I hope it goes away soon because it stresses me out; he had the exact same thing last summer, about the same time, so that’s way I’m holding out hope that it is an environmental allergic reaction. I don’t want him to develop asthma, I have it and it’s scary. I think we’ve more than paid our dues in the allergy-eczema-asthma world, so we should get a “get-out-of-jail for free” card...please! I do hate these feelings I’ve developed towards Western medicine because I know sometimes it is necessary to take your child in and I may have to take Ry in soon, if his cough doesn’t start to clear up. However, I also feel like I know what the answer will be- steroids and I’m not sure he needs those at this point. On the other hand, I understand that certain situations warrant them necessary. Either way, I’m hopeful these herbs that he will continue on for the next six months will help get rid of his cough and environmental allergens, in addition to his eczema and food allergies. I know that Western medicine is necessary for some things, including antibiotics when necessary and steroid inhalers for asthma when necessary. However, I also think antibiotics have been handed out like candy and our kids are paying the price.

We listen to our doctors and in some ways, they have been put in this position of gods. We believe them, respect them, don’t question them, but when they can’t make our suffering end, shouldn’t we seek out other options? Or should we believe there are no other options? Ideally, different forms of medical care should be integrated, so we are all treated in a holistic approach. If not integrated, at least respected. Piles of research and scientific studies should not be a requirement for specific treatments or care. Then our healing could begin sooner and our suffering would not last as long. It makes me angry that I feel like we wasted almost two years thinking Ry would get better when nothing was actually being done to get him better. He was only getting worse. While I know it’s not worth dwelling on, it is worth sharing so that others may think about alternative health care sooner than we did and, perhaps, doctors may think about being more open-minded and accepting to these alternative approaches. After all, if there was only one answer to everything, life would be boring!