I'm really fascinated by the idea that different species of salmon may have different proteins. When allergy testing is done at our allergist's clinic, it is not a specific type of salmon. At least they're not aware of what kind of salmon they're testing for, or if it's a mixture of species. When talking to the allergist, we asked if we could try other species with Ry, as he'd only ever had red salmon. Salmon fishing is at the heart of our community, so being able to fill the freezer is a huge perk to living here. 

He gave us the go-ahead.

It was a couple summers ago now that we tried silver salmon, with success, and last summer we tried king salmon, again with success. It's fascinating how different species can affect you in different ways; we've pondered the idea that it must be what the salmon are eating. I'd love to find out more about it, perhaps it's similar to the duck egg vs. chicken egg. Honestly, we aren't even sure if he'd react to red salmon if he was exposed to it. 

Have you had any experience with this?

Just a reminder, I'm not a medical professional, so if you are considering trying a different species of salmon, please discuss this with your medical provider prior to doing so.