Ry's Words of Wisdom

Ry has always been one to provide us with some serious words of wisdom, the kind that stops you in your tracks, staring at him with a big ol' HUH?! & quickly develops into a large dose of laughter. I am not sure why he is so knowledgeable at such a young age, but he is. It is kind of scary. I think I have some long years ahead of me, but as long as he keeps me laughing for a lot of them, I should survive.

Here are some of my favorites:

This morning Ry informed me that (his brother) 'Covey is gracious. Do you know what gracious means Mom?'
me: 'what does it mean?' (anxiously awaiting his response)
Ry: 'Gracious and grapes are the same. It means you are a grape.'
well, not quite what I was expecting, but I loved it, of course!

On Monday, I took advantage of the moment and was talking about good behavior with Ry.
I asked him: 'Is there a good behavior you can think of?'
Ry: 'To not spill wine.'
me: 'what? what do you mean to not spill wine? what are you talking about?'
Ry: 'you just said that!'
me: 'um, no I didn't...I don't even drink wine.'....I guess he's been hanging around my mom and sister too much.

Ry: 'When you grow up you get old, yeah you get old!'

We were having a discussion about using our listening ears. Ry informed me his '...have been left on the moon.'

On his birthday: 
Ry wakes up & says, 'Mom, is it tomorrow?'
yep, I tell him.
Ry: 'Okay, let me check,' & then stands up in the bed, kind of shakily. 'Mom! I am four!!! Since I'm shaking a little bit that means I'm 4 now!!!'

Ry said to me 'Mom, every time Covey smiles, his head gets bigger.'

& one of my all-time favorites: 
Me: 'Rylee, do you want to go to Las Vegas and watch your Uncle Malachi rope in the big rodeo?'
Ry: 'No, that's where people get lost.'
me: 'What do you mean?'
Ry: 'Because it's Lost Vegas'