Reflux: a cause of asthma?

When we went to Anchorage for our allergy testing mid-September, we were a bit leary of it. Every six months seems like a lot & we didn't really expect to get any new results (which we really didn't). Beef is our one new food to try- it just seems like so much to go through, to find out the same allergies. I also struggle with the philosophy that once something doesn't show up, you don't get retested for it. The few times we have convinced them to retest him, the food shows up again. Sometimes I think if you went to get tested one day, then went the next for the exact same testing, you'd walk out with different results. The only reason I see it at beneficial is because we are already working with an extremely limited diet & an elimination diet as this point is a huge challenge. The one interesting thing I did get out of his appointments was the possibility of reflux causing his asthmatic cough. It was brought up on our Monday appointment, then forgotten about by our Thursday appointment. I asked again, though, & a script was written out for Zantac. I hate how quick you are to get prescriptions, without more than a minute discussing the situation. We are certainly an overmedicated society....but shortly after those appointments, we headed to our other doctor in Wasilla, at MatSu Integrative Medicine. Whew, what a relief. We got to talk about Ry's allergies, cough, wheezing, reflux, etc. for a whopping 30 minutes. We were given various natural treatments to try, as well as reasons as to why it could be reflux. You know what Ry said on the drive out? "I just burped & the puke came up, but then it went back down." Gross, right? well, to me, this was a relief- he was confirming our reflux theory. Over the past month, we've put him back on digestive enzymes, have become vigilant about his probiotics & are continuing to research other avenues. I have bitters for him, but those are a definite challenge. I also picked up this book from Amazon, that has a lot of interesting info. Overall, it's a new avenue to try & so far we're finding success- no more nighttime coughing fits & for the most part, the coughing fits he's had during the day have been due to his colds & not an everyday thing.