Prepping for LDA Shot #6

Today is the last day Rylee can have antihistamines for 3-1/2 weeks, but it is worth it, because this means that in four days he will be getting his 6th LDA shot. We are really excited! We always get really excited for his LDA shot because we just never know if it is going to be our "life-changing" shot and we're always extremely hopeful that it will be. The last shot, #5, was the first one where we actually thought, "wow, LDA is really working" (previously, we knew it was playing a role, but unsure how significant). Within two days of getting shot #5, his skin was completely clear, and that was without a bath or lotion. He went days without either and still had clear, smooth, soft skin (the way a toddler's skin is supposed to be!) and he was so happy. Most importantly, he was Rylee! He doesn't always get to be himself and so it is just so wonderful when he feels good all day long, all night long, and the next day and night. So, shot #6, we are counting on you to clear him up as good as shot #5, but for an even longer period of time! Unfortunately the last time, he got the flu shortly after the shot, and every time he gets sick, he flares up. I can't wait to post next week with, hopefully, a positive postLDA update!

I will also add the downsides to LDA because I'm sure everyone is wondering why he can't have antihistamines for 3-1/2 weeks....During the day before, day of and day after LDA, you have to go on a strict diet. The foods to eat include lamb, rabbit, sweet potatoes, cabbage, tapioca, sea salt and filtered water. There are others, too, I just don't have the "pink" book in front of me (which is like the LDA manual). For Rylee, he gets lamb and cabbage because these are two foods we know he does not react to. The three weeks after the shot, he can't have any medications because these can interfere with the shot, hence no antihistamines. It's worth it, I know it is! Because of these shots, he may one day never need zyrtec and benadryl, and that possibility is exciting!

Also, we believe the LDA is working because Rylee is flared right now. Typically he gets flared the week or so before his next shot, which really is a good sign. It means the shots are doing what they are supposed to. His stomach also goes down after the shots, which means the shots help with his inflammation. Actually, after his very first shot, he was oozing out of his eczema like never before. He was soaking his pajamas during the first few nights. It was like the toxins were pouring out of him. It was weird and gross, but it was one of our first steps towards recovery. Last summer, he also had thick, raised patches of eczema on his legs that are now gone (his legs, except behind his knees) are clear!

P.S. Rylee also grew.....WOW......since the last shot, he's almost grown a 1/2-inch, and considering he was 35" a year ago and now is almost 36", you can see how exciting that 1/2-inch is for us (the first 1/2-inch occurred after shot #4, in February)

I highly encourage anyone suffering from allergies, ezcema or asthma, among a whole host of other problems, to look into LDA. You can click here for Dr. Shrader's website, who has developed LDA, and click here for Mat-Su Integrative Medicine, where we go for the LDA shots. I've also posted links to both of these websites under my favorite link and blogs section.

Oh yeah, I also want to add they are three types of LDA shots- foods, environmentals and chemicals. Rylee gets both foods and environmentals, but they are able to mix it into one shot. Also, we are doing shots with Coven, as well, as preventative care, because if we can avoid all of this with him, it would be amazing! This will be his 3rd shot, but he only gets foods.