Post LDA shot #6

We made it back from Anchorage last week, after both the boys got their low dose allergy (LDA) shots. This is the third one for Coven and the sixth one for Rylee. Two days after the shot, Ry's skin was still a bit dry, but we decided to hold off on his bath and lotion routine because we wanted to see what kind of effect the shot would have on him, without bringing in any other factors. Three days after the shot, on friday, his skin was amazing. He had a great day, with hardly any itching, and it was obvious by all who saw him- he was feeling incredibly good! It has also been Crab Festival weekend, which is a pretty big deal in Kodiak. The carnival comes to town, with rides and games, plus vendors set-up their booths, mostly with delicious food. There's a parade, music, and lots of activities around town. So to have Ry feel good this weekend is pretty much awesome! Yesterday morning the boys and I were in the shrimp parade- Ry rode his balance bike and had a blast! We ended up staying in town all day, going to see the new Shrek, playing at Crab Fest, and kind of staying dry. It is inevitable that Crab Fest weekend will be wet, windy and rainy. Note to tourist- it's fun to see Kodiak this weekend, but bring your boots and rain gear. Seeing sun during Memorial Day weekend is truly a rarity. Diet-wise Ry has been eating most his foods he usually tolerates, except, here's the catch, I gave him bananas the last couple days. It had been awhile since he ate them and we weren't too sure if it caused a reaction or not, so I let him have one on Friday. Yesterday, he had another, and today he is flared up around his neck and forehead. Everywhere else on his body his clear, soft and smooth. So, bananas are going to be out indefinitely. I am just hopeful that it really is the banana causing the flare-up and that it will be gone in the next few days. His sleep has also been amazing! He's not rubbing his knees together and he's only waking a couple times a night for brief periods. He hasn't slept for hours at a time since he was a baby and the last couple weeks, he has, so between the antibiotics for his bacteria and the LDA shot, were feeling rested!

We are also going to be putting Ry back on antibiotics for his bacteria. After talking to his doctor, he explained that he likes to do one week at first to see if there is any reaction to it. Usually, though, it takes 2-3 weeks of antibiotics to actually kill the bacteria, but if there's no positive reaction, then he doesn't want him to get anymore antibiotics than necessary (my kind of thinking!!!!). There was definitely a positive reaction, so he'll be starting those soon, too. We are going to wait a little bit, though, because we want to know if he's doing good, if it's because of the shot. We typically end up doing too much at once and are never really sure what's causing the flare-up or why he's doing good.

One more thing, Ry didn't have any lactobacillus show up in his stool sample, so I've ordered these probiotics to get him on. They're recommended by our doctor, who usually carries them, but was out of them. I'm going to continue with his chewable ones because there kind of like a treat for him, but also give him the capsule ones. I'll just have to mix them with applesauce or something, but I'm anxious to start him on them. I think these could have a noticeable impact because probiotics are highly beneficial for eczema and allergies, but we've never been able to notice a significant difference. I think perhaps it's because he isn't getting all the strains of good bacteria that he needs. So I am anxiously awaiting these. For Cove, on the other hand, he had diarrhea this last week and was spitting up a lot, so I've been giving him probiotics (finally!). I got milk-free probioticsfor myself while in Anchorage and have been opening one capsule and mixing it with applesauce for Cove. The morning after starting this, his diarrhea was gone and he hasn't spit up once- we're going on day four today. We've giving him probiotics before, but not on a regular basis, they were also a different brand. This brand I'm using really seems to have a noticeable impact. As usual, I had to throw something in about probiotics.