Today we ate our rocket-ship popsicles. We made them last week, with our remaining Mango-Blueberry-Apple Juice Smoothie, but I guess they got forgotten about because they remained in the freezer for the last five days or so. I am not sure how that happened, since the day we made them, they were checked multiple times just to be sure they weren’t ready. We enjoyed another beautiful Kodiak summer day today, although the air does contain the crispness of fall, and our popsicles concluded our evening.

The boys devoured them. Actually, Ry quickly consumed his and then decided, when there was just a bite or two left, he should trade with Covey, who had only eaten a few bites. Turned out to be a good trade for Ry, not so much for Cove, except that he barely finished Ry’s last couple of bites anyway. His appetite is just not as big as his brothers, yet, which is good. Hopefully it means he won’t surpass him in size too soon (but we’re anticipating it may happen, as Ry is now growing, but slowly).