Pico de Gallo Salsa

Salsa is a regular food commodity in my parent's house. My dad always makes it fresh and we all devour it. I forgot how much I missed eating it on a regular basis, until we moved back in temporarily. I don't really know where this spicy gene comes from, but hot sauce is well-loved on my dad's side of the family. Perhaps it's from my less than 5' tall Grandma, who raised five boys and one girl. She is, what I like to call, a spitfire! While I love salsa, I don't love it too hot. My sister, on the other hand, makes her salsa almost unbearable, except of course for herself. I think she may do this on purpose, but she swears not. She simply explains, "It's not even that hot...," as everyone who tries it burns their lips off, except my dad. It certainly disappears a lot quicker when it's mild to medium.

While this recipe for Pico de Gallo is not a family secret or something I tweaked to get just right, it's good. The measurements may change a little each time because whoever makes it, doesn't really measure the ingredients. It's more about liking the taste and the look of it. It should show a colorful arrangement of reds, greens and whites. Season with as much sea salt as you like, as well as alter the spice with the jalapenos. This is great with chips, over burrito meat or with a spoon (yes, I do eat really good salsa with a spoon...). If you need corn-free chips, try these made with sorghum flour. It would also be good accompanying turkey tacos or turkey burritos. However you consume it, be sure to enjoy it!

Pico de Gallo Salsa

3 large tomatoes

1 onion

1-2 jalapenos

1 bunch cilantro

1 teaspoon sea salt

Dice up the tomatoes and onion and mix together in a medium bowl. Mince the jalapenos, using 1-2, dependent on how much spice you like and chop the cilantro. Add jalapeno and cilantro to tomatoes and onions. Mix well and add sea salt to taste. If you let it sit for about an hour, the flavors will intensify; however, since it is hard to resist fresh salsa, you can also eat it immediately. Enjoy!