Finally Some Blog Love

What a whirlwind the last couple of months have been! Ry had allergy testing done (patch and prick), moved out of my parents house, moved into our new house, unpacked way too much stuff, got rid of lots of stuff, took lots of pictures for portrait clients and of the boys, relaxed one weekend, didn't relax on other weekends and somewhere in between it all, we got internet hooked up. Okay, that actually didn't happen until today. Hooray! Finally, I don't feel disconnected from the 21st century. Actually I have an Iphone so I haven't been that disconnected, but it's really hard to post on your blog from that, so now I'm happy to say I'm not completely, totally neglecting you, Allergic Adventures, and I have a lot to write to make up for my two months of somewhat ignoring you. Truthfully, I've thought about all sorts of things to write about- especially when the one-year anniversary of this blog rolled around, I really wanted to acknowledge it, but somehow that got away from me, that happens a lot. Now that the internet is working and we're more or less settled into our home, I hope the entries come easier. Overall, Ry's doing pretty good, especially skin wise. His cough has been so bad, lately, and he got a prescription from the allergist (he was tested the end of February), but it's not helping. I'll post more on that later. There is a serious amount of dust in this house, though, and I have a feeling between sawdust and all other forms of dust, unearthed from boxes that have been in storage for over a year, an unpleasant combination has been made for our little guy. For now, I must head to bed, we've started a playgroup Tuesday mornings at 11:00-ish and I need some sleep. Goodnight, sweet dreams!