New Allergy Testing

“Because I am doing so good, I am going to blow him away.” -Ry

The boys are asleep, after a long but informative morning. We met with the allergist today and Ry also had some testing done. I always have mixed feelings before doing this. On the one hand I am excited because of the possibility of something not showing up, but on the other hand, I am nervous because of challenging a food, if it doesn’t show up, or having a new food show up. Overall, Ry does not enjoy it. It is the scratch test and it doesn’t hurt, but it still feels like a little prick. When you are getting tested for twenty-five different things, it gets pretty uncomfortable after awhile. Plus, the ones he does react to shape into a large, itchy, red hive. He did great this morning, though, and is now napping because the whole process is exhausting!

As we were checking into the appointment, Ry says to me, “Mom, I’m going to blow him away.” I replied, “HUH?” “Daddy told me I am going to blow him away. Because I am doing so good, I am going to blow him away.” Now I got it! “Oh,” I say, “you are right, you are going to blow him away because you are doing so good, you are feeling really good aren’t you?” Ry responds, “Yep!” It was priceless. He was right, too, he blew the allergist, the nurse and the pediatric dietician away. It was great!

Of course everyone wanted to know what the secret was. We were hesitant before going to the appointment about talking about the Traditional Chinese Medicine, only because we weren’t sure what the response would be. Some doctors seem to be onboard, respectful and responsive to what we say about our alternative medicine choice, while others brush us off like we are crazy. Because of this, it can be intimidating to bring it up to medical professionals. As soon as the allergist asked this morning, all those feelings were out the window and I told him, “Traditional Chinese Medicine.” I couldn’t hide my excitement- people need to know about this and its effectiveness. And you know what? He was completely interested in what we had to say, as well as willing to credit Ry’s improvements to it. I thought we may hear the classic line, “He is finally growing out of his allergies!” but we never got that one and because of that I am happy.

He actually told us that in the past few years there have been a lot of new studies focusing on Traditional Chinese Medicine and food allergies. Medical professionals are seeing a positive correlation between using this type of medical care to get rid of their allergies. Ry would be a perfect candidate if anyone needs one in their study because he is positively transforming before our eyes. It is so impressive!

Now, to the reason you are probably reading this- what showed up and what didn’t show up. We went in to the appointment with our list of food and environmental allergens we wanted him tested for and added a few more once there. This came to a total of twenty-five items, two of which were the positive and negative controls. The other twenty-three were: broccoli, cauliflower, beef, chicken, pork, cows milk, egg whites, cod, salmon, peanuts, soybean, tree nuts (almond, brazil, cashew, pistachio, hazelnut, pecan, and walnut), sesame seed, sunflower seed, coconut, feathers and dogs. Seven of the foods showed up- cow’s milk, egg whites, cod, salmon, peanuts, sesame seed and sunflower seed.  The first five are still showing up as +3-+4, which is the biggest, but both sesame and sunflower are now +2’s, which is a good sign. In January, at his last testing, sunflower was a huge +4. Also, feathers and dogs both showed up as +2’s, which is where feathers were a year ago, but dogs were a +4 a year ago. So these are good signs, as well! Although we have not challenged anything yet, we can when we are ready to and want to. We have been instructed to start with a teaspoon and then slowly increase the amount each day, unless we notice a reaction.

The results of his tests today prove we are on the right path. While I know it is important to understand he could still react to something that showed up negative, I feel good overall about the results and the appointment. This is a nice change; in the past, some of our appointments with standard Western medicine doctors just plain bum me out! In another six months, we will do testing again, both scratch and patch testing. The scratch testing shows Type I, or IgE reactions, where the patch testing shows Type IV, or IgG reactions. It will be exciting to see what the outcomes are then, especially because we will have done his Chinese herbs for over six months at that time.

I feel positive right now about Ry’s health and it’s been a long time since I felt that way. His skin is not perfect, but it is significantly better. It’s soft and smooth; he is not flared up all of the time; he is tolerating more foods; we have new foods we can introduce; he is sleeping, so we are all getting sleep; and most importantly, he is so happy. He has also not had antihistamines in over 6 weeks or any topical steroid creams. I have to say, he is blowing all of us away!