My Boss

Rylee’s my boss. There’s just no way around it; I try to be in charge, I kindly explain to him I’m the mom and I respectfully tell him he’s not the boss, but I can’t win. He is the boss. Some days my boss is a little more demanding than others, other times he cuts me some slack. Unfortunately, he doesn’t give me any raises; some times I could really use a bonus, but no, my boss Rylee does not do that. Hmmmm. Maybe I should find another source of employment; actually, I already have, his younger brother Coven. He is currently training under his brother to become boss #2. Looks like I’m in for it. Maybe Cove will be kinder when it comes to raises or bonuses; I’m thinking not, but I can hope. I think, if I’m lucky, I’ll get my bonuses in another twenty years or so, when my bosses put their good skills to use in the workforce. Okay, that may be a stretch, but you never know.

It must be the age. You know how they tell you to watch out for the terrible twos? Well, someone told me it really stands for two years, from age two to four. I believe this someone because, wow, Ry at three-and-a-half is a handful. I’m not talking about making sure I have him fed and meals packed if we’re leaving the house or the itching from the eczema, I just mean in general. Like I said, he’s the boss. Lately, he’s been telling me that I’m not the boss, daddy is. Hmmmm, I wonder who told him that?!?!? Mike swears it wasn’t him- I don’t believe him (well, kind of…).

Isn’t it amazing how these little three-year old minds operate? Rylee totally understands what it means to be the boss; he knows what I’m talking about when I kindly ask him to listen to me and stay by me (and then he doesn’t listen or stay by me) at the grocery store. He already has me all figured out and knows exactly how to push my buttons, just as I used to push my sisters buttons growing up. How do our kids learn so much, so quickly? It’s kind of frightening. Okay, not really, but slightly. As my mom has always told me, the days are long, but the years are short and boy, does Rylee make sure that quote rings true. I don’t think he is much more demanding (aside the fact we’re dealing with allergies and eczema on a daily basis, but it seems a lot of parents have extra baggage their taking on these days!) than other toddlers his age. We’re all in this journey of parenthood together, living life according to our bosses schedules, desires, needs and demands, but as I said before, some days are just a bit longer than others, but then, wow, the years pass so quickly!