Molting Crab, Molting Skin?

The Dungeness Crab up here in Kodiak are molting right now. It’s actually really neat if you go to a beach that they live off of because it’s just littered with crab shells. These are shells that look like completely intact crab, but they are hollow. I am told the crab literally crawl backwards out of their shells and then they get to start new- growing their larger, more comfortable shells. It makes for some neat beach finds. Ry kept one 'mommy' shell, but decided his 'baby' and 'daddy' shell were better off back in the ocean. I decided that if crabs can just back on out of their shells when they get uncomfortable and run out of room, then people should be able to do the same. Why not? Eczema makes Ry so incredibly uncomfortable and sometimes, he is in pain, so I think he should be able to molt. Okay, that probably sounds really disgusting, but seriously, what if we could just get a new outer layer? That’d be pretty awesome! Sometimes I think his eczema may be a little too consuming, especially when we’re walking on the beach on a gorgeous day and all I can think is Ry should be able to molt like the crabs.....I still like the idea, even though it’s a far cry from reality.