Me-Oh-My, Covey (tried to) Swallow a Fly

You know those moments in motherhood when your children have created an instant memory, such as trying to swallow a fly? Yes, that would be one of my children. We are still living in our trailer, which is a whopping 30 feet long. It’s cozy; thank goodness for our 12 foot long by 3 foot wide bump-out. It sure makes the little place feel bigger. The trusses were put up on our new house a few days ago and that was exciting to watch; the boom truck lifted each one up, as the boys and I watched their Daddy and Papa pound nails into them until they were in place. Living in the trailer is going to make us appreciate our house that much more!

On these rare sunny summer days (which is definitely not today), we like to keep our door wide open. The trailer needs its air. As a result, we lose the humidity, but gain the bugs. Lots of bugs. I find this kind of gross, the boys find this to be live entertainment. Actually, the bees scare Rylee, but the flies intrigue both of them, especially Coven. He was grabbing them by their wings yesterday, pulling them off the window. When I first noticed him doing this, I thought, “hmmmm, whatever.....he is having fun,” but when I noticed one entering his mouth, yikes, I reacted with the speed of light. I caught it just in time; okay, almost. I did have to pull one wing out of his mouth. Are you gagging right now? I kind of felt like it. The one-winged fly was still wiggling in Covey’s hand throughout this ordeal. I was happy to see he was only missing one-wing because that was all the remnants I pulled from his mouth.

Ry observed the entire incident, deeply concerned for his fly-eating brother. He cares about him, a lot. It is pretty special to watch the relationship these two brothers have already created for themselves. I love staying home with the boys, even though some days are longer than others, they provide me with the best entertainment. These are what memories are made from!