Mango-Blueberry-Apple Juice Smoothie

Finally, a recipe. I have been inundating my readers (there are some out there, right?) with lots of writings on Ry lately and posted absolutely no recipes in July. Part of this was because we were on a much-needed and much-enjoyed vacation for 2-1/2 weeks. While on vacation, there were many different places you could get fresh fruit smoothies. Although the menus did not typically have a combination Ry could enjoy, we were able to “create our own.” We went for mangoes, peaches, blueberries and apple juice. It was a good combination. I noticed some places also put ice in their smoothies, where others just used frozen fruit. Regardless of how they were made, they were spendy, but it’s always fun when we can actually get Ry a treat from a store or cafe. The poor people making the smoothies must have dreaded me, though, I really stared them down the entire time the smoothie was being made. I wanted to be absolutely sure the blender was clean, only the ingredients I requested were put in the blender and nothing else quirky happened in those short few minutes. What can I say, I am paranoid when it comes to other people preparing food for Rylee (which really means, no one else ever prepares food for him, besides Mike....).

Now that we are back home, it’s time to make our own smoothies in our Vita-Mix and yesterday we did just that. We enjoyed a beautiful summer day here, finally. It has been such a wet, rainy summer, I am so glad we left for a few weeks and experienced sun. I’m hopeful yesterday’s weather means we’re finally going to get a summer with August; it is a great way to start this month! But I must admit today feels like fall. Back to the smoothie recipe- it’s super easy, especially with a good blender. I used frozen blueberries, but my mango was refrigerated, not frozen. I didn’t feel like chopping it up and freezing it, I wanted to make it right then (patience has never been a good quality of mine). I also decided not to add ice because we didn’t have any. Remember, we are living in a 30’ travel trailer and an ice tray would take up a lot of valuable space in our little freezer. On a very exciting note, completely off topic, our house continues to move right along. Two walls on the second story were raised yesterday- very, very exciting to watch! It’s worth raising a smoothie to :-)

Mango-Blueberry-Apple Juice Smoothie

1 cup frozen blueberries

1 whole mango, chopped up

1/2-1 cup apple juice, dependent on how thick/thin you like your smoothie

Place three ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth, 2-3 minutes. I am not sure how much this makes total, I forgot to look, but it must be around 16 ounces. I’ll check and update next time. The boys drank theirs right up and we used the rest to fill our popsicle molds. I was hoping it’d be summer again today, but we can still try these out in the crisp, fall wind! We got very cool rocket ship popsicle molds on our vacation that hopefully remain cool once out of the mold (and I also mean that literally). Enjoy and happy summer!