Low Dose Allergy (LDA) Treatment

What is LDA? The very basic idea of LDA is that the body is being retrained not to have an allergic reaction to different foods or environmental or chemical triggers. I am posting the link hereto Dr. Shrader's website because I have trouble explaining a lot of the technicalities and I don't want to leave anything out. I've talked to some other mom's online who are doing this for their children and they are all having amazing results. When I think back to where we were a year ago, we've come along way. However, this last shot, #5, has been the first one where, within two days of the shot, we we're like WOW! Since starting yeast treatment last July and LDA in August, we have also gotten foods back- avocado, apple, coconut, black beans. We have others we are trialing soon, too. For three days (day before, day of shot, and day after) you do have to be on a very limited, specialized diet. This has been the most challenging part for us with the shot, but it is worth it. I highly recommend researching LDA and finding a doctor to talk to about it.

It's so hard to find a good doctor when dealing with eczema, asthma, and allergies, but all I can say, is don't settle for treating symptoms. If your unsure about your doctor, ask yourself if he/she wants to find out what is causing your problem and address that. It's the only way to really start healing. We have to travel to get the LDA shots, but it's worth it. We are doing them with Coven as preventative care; he hasn't had any eczema and no huge allergy signs, but he does have abnormal poops sometimes and spits up, sometimes a lot. I know this may not mean much, but because of Rylee, we are extra cautious with everything. For about four months, I did take a lot of the top allergens out of my diet, but it didn't make a difference for him. I know that could mean I was still eating something he was reacting to or he may not have allergies, we really don't know, but for now we are sticking with LDA for both boys. I'll continue to update our progress with these shots. Please ask questions if you want to know more about it!