LDA, TCM, ETA's, oh my....

We are prepping for our seventh low dose allergy shot (LDA), which Rylee will get this Thursday. We've also decided to go to Los Angeles to visit a traditional chinese medicine (TCM) doctor, who is supposed to be amazing for children with eczema and allergies. Since I was on the abbreviation kick and we're headed out on vacation, I couldn't help but throw the estimated time of arrival (ETA) in there. It's always tough during our three days of LDA, Rylee really struggles with the specialized/restricted diet; it seems that each time we do it, it's harder than the previous time. Some may criticize us for putting our child through such a  limited diet, but I truly believe we are doing the best thing for him by giving him the LDA shots every couple of months. In all honesty, he could eat almost nothing before we started LDA, so we've come along way. I don't think LDA is the only answer to our progress, but I do think it's playing a big part.

Rylee's skin is amazing right now and it has been for weeks. I'm literally in awe and he's still sleeping relatively good. Oh yeah, back to the diet. For three days there are a handful of foods that the LDA patient can eat. The day before, the day of and the day after the shot, purified water, sea salt, lamb, cabbage, sweet potatoes, tapioca, lettuce and a little bit more are on the list (I don't know where my LDA book is so I'm writing these from memory). We typically don't do sweet potatoes (reacted about 9 months ago), tapioca or lettuce. If we steam the cabbage just a little bit, then wrap lamb burger in it, Rylee chows it down- they're his little burritos. We also chop up burger and cabbage and mix it with the salt to make a "stew" type thing. For a lot of patients, they can branch out and have a little more food excitement with what the restricted diet has to offer. We also use tapioca fairly regularly, so that is why we stay away from it during LDA. Venison and rabbit can also be used, but again, these are meats Ry eats more often (actually, we think we've lost venison, sigh.....), so we stay away during LDA. Unfortunately, our doctor won't be there on Thursday, so Rylee will get the shot from one of the nurses that works at the clinic. Since we have to travel to get to our clinic, it's a bummer we can't talk to him for a bit (we always have a list of questions for him), but when it comes to jury duty, there's not much you can do. Actually, maybe it'll be better for Ry since he won't see him; he doesn't care for him since his only association with him is a shot. Now, let's move on to TCM.

In the last month or two, I learned about this clinic from another mom who had been dealing with severe eczema, allergies and intolerances with their young daughter. On the brink of insanity, she came across this clinic and had amazing results for her daughter. Now, I know everyone's different and we may not experience this same success, but who knows.....When I first heard of the clinic, I thought, wow, it'd be so incredible to take Rylee there, but it's in Los Angeles, so, oh well, just too far away. Then Alaska Airlines came out with web specials, so I decided to email the clinic to see what they had to say. It's always a plus for me when the doctor will actually respond to your questions. I really don't want to pay someone a bunch of money to tell me to give Rylee probiotics, vitamin d, antifungals, etc. I want to pay someone a lot of money to do something new, helpful and curing! So, after email correspondence, web specials and the fact that my brother lives a few hours from L.A. (but we can't stay with him due to dog allergies, sigh....), Mike and I decided we should just go for it. My sister had already been planning on heading that way, so we got our tickets together and Mike can stay here and, hopefully, start building our house (we're still waiting on our engineer, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting.......). I don't know exactly what will happen in L.A., but I think that acupuncture, acupressure, massage, herbal tincture's and herbal ointments may all be part of the treatment plan. I will eagerly post updates from these visits. We are going to see her four times, which means we get to go to Disneyland one weekend down there. I am so excited!!! Oh yeah, Rylee is, too :-) He can't wait to see where Mickey Mouse lives...okay, I admit it, he probably won't remember as he gets older, but whatever, I had to wait until I was thirteen to go to Disneyland for the first time and it was (almost) painful; like I said before, I'm excited!

And now ETA's, just because I was on an acronym kick....we're leaving our lovely island of summer bliss (I'm joking, at least about the summer bliss part) for two-and-a-half weeks. It has been a miserably wet summer for whatever reason, but wow, was it gorgeous on Sunday. It was absolutely clear, bright blue skies and hot! We all got some color, it was amazing and overdue. I feel like we are on a one amazing day of summer per month schedule and it's not very cool, oh wait, it is very cool, literally. It is lush and green, but still, the rain can stop. So, we're planning on getting some sun on this vacation (vitamin D from the sun instead of a bottle, yes!), visiting family, playing on the beach, checking out where Mickey lives and continuing Rylee on his path to good health!

P.S. We're flying red-eyes both ways. I decided this was the best thing to do because the boys, hopefully, will sleep during the flights....I hope I'm not crazy!