Interesting Study - Vitamin D

I just came across thistoday, about babies born in the fall and winter being more prone to allergies than babies born in the spring or summer. They found it results from a lack of Vitamin D. Rylee was born in January and Coven in June, so will have to keep an eye on Coven and see if it holds true for us. The one thing I thought worth taking out of this study, though, is the information on the lack of Vitamin D. I supplement all of us on Vitamin D; I think it's really important, especially with allergies, but even when supplementing, we sometimes still don't get enough. Our doctor recommends, for those of us living in Alaska, to take 10,000 iu's/day for adults, 2,000 iu's/day for toddlers and 1,000 iu's/day for infants.