Happy New Year ~ 2011 ~

It's hard to believe 2010 has already come and gone (okay, we still have 8 more minutes in Alaska, but it's almost gone...). I am convinced that every single year goes by quicker than the last. I am pretty sure this is in part because of my boys. In just a few days, Rylee is going to turn 4. Wow! I can't believe I'm going to have a four-year old, in fact, I'm kind of dreading it. It just sounds so old, it actually makes me a bit sad. He is growing up way too fast. And his "big-kid" bike Santa brought him a week ago? It fits him great and he's riding it around a little too good! Yes, it is true, time does fly. I hate saying that because we all know it, but it just does. Having kids makes you realize how fast the years pass.

I can remember when Ry first started getting allergy tested 2-1/2 years ago and we were told that kids tend to grow out of eczema by age 2. Sweet, six months of eczema? That sounded fantastic....two came and went, then we were told three, well three came and went, then we were told four....four is here and I don't think the eczema is going to walk out the door in a few days. Perhaps it could, but I'd be surprised. Actually, I don't know how much age has played in all this healing of Ry. I attribute it to other things- our research, LDA, traditional Chinese medicine, yeast overgrowth, etc. I'm sure age may play a role, but I'll never know how much, at least not at this point. 
Oh yeah, I was told 5 is the "new" age for when kids grow out of eczema and some allergies. It's like the onesie he had as an infant, "grey is the new black." Ha, two, five, does anyone really know? I'm going with no. That's what's so frustrating in this allergic world- we don't have clear answers and everyone is a different case. Ry has certainly proved that right countless times. Overall, though, he is happy, he is (very slowly) growing, he's not inflamed from head to toe, we are not completely restricted by activities due to his skin, he is himself....we didn't have all that a year ago, in fact, a year ago we were not in a very good place. Overall, 2010 has been a good year for us.
We went to Hawaii last February (where I started my blog), but it was not as ideal as it sounds. Ry's skin did not fare well (it did tan well, though, haha), so long days were not spent at the beach, as hoped. Oh well, we still had memorable and enjoyable experiences. We continued LDA through September of this year, sold our house, started building our new house, went to Los Angeles to see Dr. Jing at TCM Healing (who I highly recommend!!!), visited Mickey at Disneyland, I started a portrait photography business and we are living cozy with my parents, while we continue building our house.
It was a year filled with exciting trips, but more exciting were the health improvements Ry made. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been amazing! When he flares up, we put his herbal ointment cream on him and it's gone by morning. He hasn't had steroid creams since last summer and only needed an antihistamine a couple of times in the past six months. It has been life changing. It's the most I could've asked for in 2010 and it's at the top of my list for 2011. I know that Ry will have allergies, probably forever, and we've adjusted to that, but I also believe his eczema will get better and his overall health will continue to improve, with the right care. I think we are on the right track and I look forward to discovering new paths to take on this healing journey. 
In addition to good health, I am also hoping for a 2011 filled with laughter, happiness and peace. These three words sound so nice written down, but sometimes seem to get away from us. I am pretty sure, though, the boys laugh at some point every day and it's the best sound in the world. Peace...now that's another one that I think may happen at some moment every day, but sometimes it's just that, a moment, that may last 30 seconds :) Once we put away the pirate swords, nerf guns, wrestling moves and football tackles, the peace usually surfaces, often briefly. And I am pretty sure the happiness is a direct result of the laughter and peace. 
I'm finally going to end this lengthy post, hoping our 2011 begins as 2010 has ended. Actually, I hope it's even better. I wish the same for you and your families, as you ring in the new year- lots of laughter, happiness and peace, as well as good health! P.S. I have one new year's resolution so far- to stay on top of this blog! I've been thoroughly consumed with my photography business, which includes my Breanna Peterson Photography blog, facebook page and website. Somehow they've taken me away from this blog :) So, I'm going to make some extra effort to post on here, possibly once a week, hopefully twice a month and definitely once a month! Any ideas on your resolutions for 2011?
Happy New Year!!!