Happy Mother's Day

{Happy Mother's Day} I don't think any of us, as mothers, expect to encounter pain for our children, but we all deal with it as it comes. While I know others have situations much more intense than ours, none of us want to see our children suffer. Not being able to help them is about the worse feeling in the world. Thankfully, Ry has reached a much better place than where we were a year ago.

He (along with his younger brother) has also taught me in my four-and-half short years of motherhood, that motherhood is:

love, pain, joy, sadness, unexpected, expected, adventures, tears, laughter, smiles, yearning, big, small, silent, loud, expensive, priceless, exhausting, & rewarding, just to name some. I hope your day is peaceful, happy & full of laughter!

Happy Mother's Day!