Happy (late) Valentine's & a Spider Named Hector....

Our Valentine’s was nice, calm, simple and satisfying. The boys have both been fighting a nasty cold this past week. Actually, I thought it was pretty mild and we went out and about all last week- running errands, library story time, an afternoon at the beach (it was warm one day), but when the weekend showed up, so did a nasty cough. Ry’s was deep in his chest and it resulted in one very sleepless night (Sunday). Poor guy. I know he has (undiagnosed) asthma, so chest colds are never fun. I also have asthma and I can feel it deep in my bronchial tubes now. I thought I might squeak by without catching it, but not so much. It has gotten me too...but all this resulted in a very mellow day with my Valentines.

Ry spent most of it hacking on the couch with movies. I made truffles, again. Sunday night, I made some with dates, cocoa powder, jelly and crunchy brown rice cereal. Yesterday, it was goji berries, crunchy brown rice cereal, agave and chocolate chips. I’ll be posting the recipes soon, neither of them are my own, but both are modified from one’s I found on other’s blogs. They both required almonds- one with almonds blended and one with almond butter. My mom had the genius idea to replace the almonds with blended crunchy brown rice cereal (thanks mom!). It worked fabulously. The only problem? I want to eat them, all of them, and for some reason the boys don’t. Sometimes I think their food choices are foolish. Seriously, what toddler doesn’t want to devour truffles? Oh yeah, mine....I want to try to make them into a bar, like Lara bars. Have you seen or tried them? They are really good, but not safe for the boys (there’s almonds in them and we’re avoiding tree nuts at the moment). The truffles with goji berries remind me a lot of them!

Last night, we all slept great! We managed to get Ry to drink his traditional Chinese medicine ‘tea,’ which is something we get from our TCM doctor in Los Angeles. It’s different than the herbs he takes daily, the ‘tea’ is specifically for asthma and coughing. It tastes really bad, even mixed with juice, so it’s really hard to have him drink it. With a little Valentine’s bribing, it disappeared. I don’t know for sure if that’s why his cough is almost gone, but I hope it helped, it usually does. It was so nice for everyone to get such a long, deep sleep. The boys needed it (& I did, too).

Today, their appetites have slightly returned- they asked for hot dogs, which they ate up, and juice. I’m glad I finally have something like that to feed them. It’s always hard when they are sick to find comforting food to eat. I can’t exactly serve them up a bowl of chicken noodle soup, saltines and 7-UP (note to self: I need to work on making vegetable stock, so I can make turkey noodle soup), but that is just part of our adventures. Hopefully this finds others in good health- we’ll be back there soon.

Oh yes, Hector the Spider, how could I forget? Our evening concluded with a spider found racing out of our living room. A jar was quickly retrieved to capture the little guy. With holes poked in the top of the lid, Hector is (probably not at all) enjoying life in a mason jar. I am not quite sure how I’m going to sneak him out of this situation. The boys are both completely fascinated by him. Unfortunately, Ry shook him for a good five minutes this morning, “...to wake him up!” (direct quote). I must admit, I thought he was dead and, obviously, never going to wake up. In fact, he is still very much alive and Ry is eager to catch flies to feed him (note, he is smaller than a fly...). So, I guess it’s safe to say, at this moment, we have a new pet- Hector the Spider.