Happy 4th

Happy Holidays, friends! Hope this weekend finds you safe, healthy & happy, among family & friends. I was looking at an old post, from five years ago already, and decided to share those same tips again, with a few added updates. Whether you're dealing with one, a few or multiple food allergies, these still apply.

•Keep it simple: fruits & veggies, hot dogs & lettuce-wrapped burgers, potato salad, roasted veggies

•Condiment creativity: ketchup & mustard, homemade ranch, hummus, bean dip, guacamole, avocado-ranch dip

•Fruits are treats, too: banana-strawberry-blueberry kabobs make for some patriotic fun

•BYOB - bring your own bbq: the best way to know there's no cross-contamination; there's a great selection of portable grills available on Amazon. We picked up a Coleman for a great deal on Prime day.

•Replace candy with party poppers

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