Handmade Epi-Pen Bag/Case


I am so excited. I’ve been wanting to make a bag for Ry’s epi-pens for awhile and I finally did it (his albuterol inhaler fits, too). A couple months ago, I was online looking for something and came across an epi-pen case. It was a simple black case, no frills attached, for $25. I didn’t think much of it and went on to peruse the internet. A few days later, it came to me. An epi-pen case? I need to make one out of all this cool fabric (that belongs to my mom!).

I have been getting into sewing. Last April, I made two adorable baby quilts and then in May I made another lap quilt I think I will keep for myself. It is still sitting, waiting patiently for the binding to be completed. I think I’ll wait until fall, it’s just around the corner and I’m guessing I won’t get to it this month, which is already half-over.

Today, I finally felt crafty again. It must be the wind and the rain; it is a good day to sit inside and enjoy the view from the warm side of the windows. There’s bears in the neighborhood, too, so we have to stay in, even if it was sunny. Okay, so the bears in the neighborhood thing doesn’t usually (or ever) happen. I don’t want people reading this to think, “wow, those guys in Alaska have to have ‘bear days’.” We don’t usually, but it seems like each summer there are more bears coming in closer. I don’t like it, but not much you can about it, except, I guess, sew :-)

This bag was so easy to make and coming from me, that means it was about the easiest thing, ever. I just used two pieces of fabric and then took a very cute ribbon off of an old babyGap bag. I love their gift bags and have a few of them around. This was a good way to get some use out of it (they are from when I was pregnant with Rylee, after all...).

I think I am going to do a giveaway for one of these. I still have to figure out all the logistics of blog giveaways, I’m not too savvy on them just yet. I do like looking around to see what other giveaways are going on and entering some of them, depending on the blog. I’m thinking, though, this would be a pretty cute thing someone else out there would enjoy. It’s way spiffier than the black case. Actually, I’ve never tried googling ‘epi-pen case,’ but there’s probably some other cute ones out there, too. Hopefully I can figure out the giveaway before September arrives.

I haven’t decided on how to do a name tag, yet, either. I was thinking of hanging something off the ribbons, but I also thought a piece of paper the size of a business card with Ry’s name, address, phone number, doctor’s information, allergies, etc. might be nice to get laminated and keep inside the bag. Anyway, I just wanted to share my cute craft I’m kind of proud of! Enjoy!