Going Garlic-Free

I'm having a venting moment- going garlic-free is a pain-in-the-ass. I was going to word it politely, & avoid being blunt, but screw it. Anyone that's reading on here, that's also dealing with food allergies, knows what a pain some of this stuff can be! Ry had his allergy testing in December, both the patch & the prick test. It'd been about 8 months since his previous testing (the allergist likes to see him roughly every six months) & most of his results weren't too suprising. His prick testing really didn't change. The patch, however, only had one new food on it- garlic. This was exciting, on the one hand, because six other foods didn't show up (most also show up on prick test, but soy did show up negative everywhere). So we technically got one food back. I guess that gets cancelled out with garlic showing up? Anyway, this kid craves garlic. Like really, really strange cravings for spoonful of minced garlic. I used to laugh about it, but it's gone on for quite awhile. So then I started to wonder, he must be intolerant to it, right? I mean, most five-year olds don't ask for spoonfuls of garlic!! Well, that's how it ended up as part of his patch test. The allergist informed me most adults will crave foods they're allergic/intolerant to, but kids usually have aversions to the foods they're allergic/intolerant to. Well, boom. What do you know?! I was right, proving yet another theory from the docs wrong. Okay, not really bragging, but using this as a prime time to give a shout out to our motherly (& fatherly) instincts. Seriously parents, we know our kids best. I used to get exhausted with all the responses to my (yes, possibly crazy) theories, 'well, actually, that's not what's going on...' to only disprove the docs again, & again. We know our kids best! If our gut says a food is bugging them, it probably is. Even if it's a pain in the ass to eliminate, I guarantee it's a bigger pain in their ass (literally). Too much information? No, not in the allergy world- our lives revolve around bowel movements.

Since we've eliminated garlic (almost three months ago), he's started eating double to triple the amount of food he'd normally eat. It's kind of crazy, all of the sudden his appetite is HUGE. He's also had a major growth spurt- as in more than 1" in less than one week. We've really, really struggled with growth, so this is a very big deal to us! Perhaps it's coincidental that this growth spurt, & sudden food inhalation, also happened shortly after turning six, or perhaps it's really because we've eliminated garlic. Either way, garlic is in almost everything (big pain), but Ry is feeling so much better since it's been out of his diet (big gain)...so on that note, happy Wednesday.