Footed Pajamas are the Best!

We love footed pajamas; Rylee lives in them. They're 100% cotton and keep him completely covered. We just got new ones last week and he's so excited because some of them have skateboarding monkeys all over them! He also looks incredibly cute in them (I might be biased). These things are not easy to come by, though. On our last trip to Anchorage we must have tried at least 7 stores, with no luck. Wow! Who would've thought footed p.j.'s for a toddler were such a rarity. But, alas, Gap (online) pulled through for us and thankfully, they had a sale as well. After all, they do carry the most expensive footed p.j.'s I've come across, but they are really cute and comfy. Comfort is exactly what Ry needs.

It's funny how many people comment on his jammies every time we go out. At least once a day, we get "you're in your p.j.'s? I want to be in mine!" Ry's pretty much like whatever. It doesn't really phase him; I just never realized a 3-year old could generate so much commentary because he's still in pajamas. Before we know it, our kids aren't going to be kids and wearing jammies all day definitely won't happen, so for now- here's to their comfort...& in the whole scheme of things, the footed p.j.'s pretty much rock!