Folic Acid and Allergies

I just realized I've yet to post anything on folic acid and allergies. About a year ago, a study came out noting that there may be a correlation between low levels of folic acid and allergies and asthma. Now we all know (or most, I think) that part of taking a prenatal vitamin during pregnancy and breastfeeding is for the increased levels of folic acid. However, there is a twist. When we digest folic acid, our body is in charge of breaking it down into the form 5-MTHF so we can absorb it. However, we don't all do this effectively. So while we think we're getting what we're supposed to by taking the prenatals, we may in fact not be. It is extremely important to take either a multivitamin or folic acid, in the form 5-MTHF, so we are getting what we need. We can also get folic acid from foods- food sources are always the best. Here are some links to articles and supplements. Click here for John Hopkins Children's Hospital research

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