Fall Spice Cake

Although I have posted this recipe before, listed under pumpkin spice cake, I wanted to post it again. It is just so good. I made it on Sunday for a birthday party, so that Ry would have “his” cake. He picked out a bundt pan, from my mom’s baking drawer, because it looked like a flower and he informed me that his friend, who’s party it was, likes flowers. The pan was a good choice. It looked great after it came out. I put the glaze on too soon, as we were running late, so it melted a bit. I would wait until it cooled next time, oh well, it was still good. I also dusted it with powdered sugar; it was a nice addition, along with a couple of nasturtium flowers. Whether you want to use this recipe for a birthday cake, brunch cake or holiday dessert, it is good. I think it tastes like fall, even though I make it year-round.

It stays exceptionally moist and I think I may like it better the next day, especially once the glaze has soaked into the cake. I don’t know what else to stay, except that it is really good. Everyone is always shocked how many things this cake lacks (i.e.: dairy, eggs, wheat, etc.) because it is does not lack flavor. I don’t think it would take much to adapt this cake to your own intolerances and allergies if it doesn’t work in this form. I have made it with extra virgin olive oil, melted coconut oil and melted palm shortening, and each one was great! I have also tried using organic sugar and agave, which were both delicious. You could also easily turn this into carrot cake, by adding shredded carrots, pineapple and raisins, if you like. Whatever you choose, just be sure to enjoy it. I know it is not a new recipe, but it is a new picture and some new ideas.