Excellent Resource for Home Remedies and Castor Oil Packs

Today I received an excellent resource in my email Inbox. It is called "My Home Medicine Cabinet- What I Use to Remedy Ailments." It is a very thorough list of different natural remedies that can be kept in the medicine cabinet for everyday use and a lot of them don't go bad. Some of these include apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, castor oil, garlic, and coconut oil. I've been hearing a lot about castor oil packs and that is something I want to learn more about. Click here for an article about castor oil and making castor oil packs. I am excited about how detailed this home medicine article is. Because of Ry, I've started to research a lot more natural approaches to healing, I think this is the route to get him better. This article comes from the Agriculture Society website, written by Raine Saunders, click herefor the link to the article.