Eczema and Bacteria

I've found some really interesting articles about the correlation between an overgrowth of bacteria on the skin and eczema over the last year. This seems to be why bleach baths are helpful, to keep the bacteria under control, as well as yeast overgrowth.We were once told by a pediatrician that when you have yeast and bacteria overgrowing on your skin, they just feed off of each other and continue to get out of control, wreaking havoc on your skin! I wanted to post some links for articles about bacteria and eczema. Antifungals may be needed for yeast and antibiotics may be needed to treat some infections, but we're able to manage Rylee's staph infections with bleach baths and bactroban (mupiprocin), which is a prescription antibiotic ointment. This is also part of why probiotics are so important, especially for people with gut imbalances!

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