Eczema and Antihistamines

We have found that sometimes zyrtec or benadryl help Rylee when he's having a major flare-up, but more often than not, antihistamines do not make a significant difference. Overall, we have much more success with zyrtec, whereas benadryl really makes him drowsy. I have been trying to figure out why they sometimes work and sometimes don't, so here are a couple general articles I've stumbled across, but I am still searching for a really good answer. The best I've heard is sometimes an eczema flare-up is an immune reaction, which antihistamines would help, and sometimes it is NOT an immune reaction, which is when antihistamines would not work. I just haven't found anything to support this (yet). It makes sense, but I like to have something to back up what I think makes sense. Click here for a brief ABC video clip

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