Ry's cough seems to be getting nastier all of the sudden. I wish I knew the culprit. After our trip to the TCM Healing Center in June, we saw subtle improvements. He'd still get his coughing fits sporadically, but we weren't using the albuterol inhaler as often. He also was not having his nighttime coughing fits, which were a huge relief for me! Recently, though, the nighttime fits have returned, as well as the use of albuterol.

We've decided to start LDA again, we haven't done a shot since last September, but it's time for another one. I'm very curious to see how he handles it & of course hopeful it will have a large impact. Overall, he's healthier than he ever was with his 8 previous LDA shots. The only thing I'm dreading is the 3-day diet. It's not fun putting him on such a restricted diet for 3 days, but when it does have a positive impact on his health, it is worth it.

I'm not used to asthma like this. It's different than what I remember (& still deal with) with my own asthma. Whereas I usually get tight chested and can feel the shortness of breath come on without coughing, Ry is completely fine then out of nowhere starts coughing. The coughing lasts for a few minutes, then he sounds wheezey & tight-chested, and then sometimes more coughing. I give him 1-2 puffs of his albuterol (attached to his spacer, with the mask) and then he is fine.

Sometimes the cough is triggered by running around & activity, but tonight, for example, he was sitting in the living room playing with his toys. He recently went back on singulair, as well, but it does not seem to be making a difference. The last time we tried singulair (last fall), he actually started stuttering when on it. When we took him off, the stuttering stopped. This time around, there is no stuttering, but also no effect on the cough & asthma symptoms. Overall, the attack literally lasts minutes (which is more than enough!) & when I actually make an appointment for the cough & asthma, he always sounds great at the doctor's.

These allergic adventures never cease to amaze me !!