Cinnamon Rolls

I just wanted to post that I made cinnamon rolls this morning, again from the Spunky Coconut's blog, and yes, they were gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, corn-free, soy-free, free, free, free! Yay! Last night was my very last class for my Master's program and tonight is my graduation, so why not celebrate with cinnamon rolls for breakfast? Actually, I don't really need an excuse to make a treat for Rylee, I just get excited when there is something that he can actually have that resembles the real deal. These are delicious! After I made the filling and then rolled them up, Rylee asked if he could just eat the brown stuff (the filling), it was pretty cute, but I explained to him that he would get to eat it again when the rolls were done (30 minutes waiting for a 3-year old? not easy, but I am sure they tasted that much better to him). I am excited to have this recipe for holidays, we've always made cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning, which is still a ways away, but at least I will have this recipe on hand already, instead of madly searching for something....I am excited! Try them out and enjoy!

Just a note, the only thing different I did was omit the vanilla because I don't have a corn-free one. Although corn did not show up on the last patch test, we still haven't challenged it, so we're sticking to corn-free for now.

Click herefor the recipe.