Candy Corn (gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, corn-free)

This past week was filled with lots of Halloween festivities, especially in Ry's classroom. I have to say, I cannot even begin to explain how happy it makes me that their parties, treats, candy, etc. is so very limited in the classroom. Where other parents were making Halloween-themed cupcakes & sweet treats to take in, his class focused on dissecting pumpkins; had a school-wide Halloween costume parade & did some activities using candy, but not actually eating it. I know there are individuals who think it's silly kids can't eat candy, cake, cupcakes, etc. in the classroom for every holiday, birthday, etc., but as a parent of a child with food allergies, I think it's great. They don't need the sweet treats all the time, in my opinion, & it sucks (to be blunt), to have your child sit out activities because of food. This week they did an activity with candy corn. I keep 'safe' fruit snacks in the classroom, so Ry was going to use those instead (along with the other kids with allergies in his class). I started looking around online, out of curiosity, for a 'safe' candy corn. This led me to a recipe, that surprisingly I could make...surprisingly in regards to the ingredients & it was somewhat easy. The recipe can be found here.

I swapped out the butter for palm shortening & the tapioca for cornstarch. It still worked great & could easily be a corn-free recipe. They taste just like candy corn & when everyone asked me what the ingredients were, I replied 'sugar.' They're incredibly sweet & sugar-laden, but it's always nice to have an alternative for our kiddos (or selves) that can't have the 'real deal.' Hope you had a happy Halloween!