Busy, Busy, Busy

We made it back from Hawaii yesterday morning, after flying all night. The boys did great, though, and slept most of the flight. Thankfully, we were only an hour late into Kodiak, since planes hadn't been flying for two days. Rylee is so excited to be back home! He didn't want to leave Hawaii because he said he didn't want to miss the coconut trees. We brought back a coconut and are going to try to sprout it and plant it, yes, we like to shoot for the stars in our household...but, hey, if it works, yeah! Ry's skin has been flared the last few days, but he's still having a great day. This is the part of eczema that drives me insane, I do not understand why he is flared, but yet it is not bothering him that much, whereas he could be itching like crazy, but have no rash anywhere (the itch that rashes, arghh...). It's always a guessing game. We are also in the midst of packing and unpacking. We are selling our house and have to be out of it in two weeks, so it's busy, as usual. Plus, I have the vacation suitcases to unpack into totes and put away until summer, when we can hopefully wear them again!

With all of this shuffle, we have not been very good about giving Rylee his supplements. He actually helped me put them in his juice today, but then he accidentally spilled it everywhere, at the very least we aim for the probiotics daily. Now that we're back I will also have to start the Vitamin D again, he gets 2,000iu's/day because we are in Alaska, so we need a good dose of it! Time to sign off, hope to find my way on here in the next couple weeks, as I pack our lives into some cardboard boxes. All this packing will pay off, though, as we are going to build a home over the summer and will hopefully be moving in there sometime this fall!