Asthma in the Springtime

Thought I'd post a tiny tidbit on our current asthma regime. When Ry had his allergy testing done in May, the allergist was alarmed by the intensity of his cough. It had come on out of nowhere the week before his testing. We learned that time of the year (roughly April & May) are the absolute worst months in the State of Alaska for allergy & asthma sufferers. The snow melts off, exposing a whole bunch of dead, moldy grass. All that rot causes major inflammation. We had already assumed there was a correlation between Ry's cough & the weather, as it did come on about the same time the snow completely disappeared (we had a long, late winter this year). It was frustrating because we didn't have a go-to method for helping him. The albuterol always works, but it's a rescue inhalor, so not something you want to be giving on a regular basis. In the past we tried singulair, which caused him to stutter & when we took him off it the stutter disappeared, we tried QVar last year with no success & then last fall, we addressed it as a possible result of reflux (although he has not been formerly diagnosed with reflux). Eventually, though, the cough subsided until late spring. In May, the allergist put him on QVar again, since it was obviously not associated with reflux this time. It took a couple weeks before we started to see a difference, but now that he's been on it for two solid months, his cough has become very intermittent & mostly only illness-induced. On that note, every single time he gets a cold (he's had two in the last three months), he gets a cough out of nowhere that sounds exactly like croup. He'll appear as healthy as can be, then all of the sudden, he sounds like a seal. It's a little bit scary, but we watch it very closely & as quick as it came on, it leaves, never usually lasting longer than 12-hours, although his cold obviously sticks around longer than that. He's our little mystery...but back to my point of the post- QVar is currently working. I had hoped he'd never be on a daily inhalor, but at this point we have no choice. His bronchial tubes & overall well-being are our priority, & QVar is making that happen for us right now.