Another LDA Update

Ry is doing really good! Overall, this week has been significantly better. Although he is not completely itch-free, his skin is relatively rash-free. It's really amazing. The worse part of his eczema is a decreasing patch on the right side of his forehead, his hands and his wrists. The tops of his hands, though, have really cleared and they are getting softer. Wow! This LDA is definitely impacting his eczema and in a really good way. Today he has been itchier than any other this week, but it's still just so far from what we're used to dealing with and his skin still looks so much better. We are hardly using any lotion because of how clear and soft his skin is. As usual, I am already anxious for the next shot because I think it can only get better from here!

We have also started him on his antibiotics (flagyl) for the bacteria (clostridium) that showed up in his stool sample. He has now been on it for two days, but there has not been a major noticeable difference since we started doing this, compared to the first time we started giving it to him. His skin was very dry on Wednesday and that is why we decided to start the antibiotics that evening and that dryness subsided by Thursday.