And Today Was Laundry Day.....

I love laundry, when you pull it straight out of the dryer and its fresh, warm aroma wraps a comforting blanket around you...that’s all I love about laundry. In fact, I resent it. I neglect it, I avoid it, I dread it. I also rarely remember to pull it out of the dryer when it is still warm and hardly ever use scented laundry detergent. Which means I end up with a plain, cold pile of clothes to fold. While this is my own fault, I do little to correct it. But today I actually stayed ahead of my laundry. Kind of. I mean I was way behind with it, so I had to do a lot of loads, but I actually pulled them out when the dryer honked its horn, switched over the loads and folded up the warm aroma of freshness. It was a good change. I doubt it will inspire me to do this more often, but it was still nice.

I also used scented detergent for mine and Mike’s clothes. Every now and then I do that. Typically, everyone’s clothes get washed in All Free&Clear, but not today. I decided we deserved the freshness. While I am sure the ingredients in the detergent that create that refreshing scent are far from good for us, sometimes I just have to say “oh, well.” It gets too consuming, otherwise, especially with avoiding so much for the boys. It doesn’t affect them, either, if we use scented detergent just for us. As long as their clothes, sheets and blankets are ‘free and clear,’ we are doing good :-). We’ve tried a variety of different detergents for Rylee since he was born. At just a few months old, when he first had a rash, the doctors thought it was either from detergent or wearing new clothes (contact dermatitis, we were told). So we switched the detergent. It has never made a big impact and so as long as we choose one of those that has no fragrance or dyes, we seem to be okay.

Prior to giving birth, I washed all of his clothes in Dreft, just as a new mother should, right?  That one still confuses me, it is the strongest scented detergent I have ever used, I don’t quite understand how it’s so gentle? I should rephrase that because I don’t really want anyone to answer that question; regardless of the answer, I can’t use it for Ry. After we were first told the detergent could be causing the rash, we switched to Arm & Hammer, I don’t remember the specific type, but it was free of ‘everything,’ but no difference. We also have used Tide, but for whatever reason, now stick with All. I suppose because we know there is no negative impact.

I have never tried any of the all-natural types of detergents, although I am sure it would be worth it, if they really cleaned your clothes. I can’t remember if they are seeds or what, but I’ve come across them online before. I suppose just because it’s easier to head to Wal-Mart and pick-up a jug of detergent that does not necessarily mean it’s the best option, maybe we’ll try something different...maybe. I know it won’t be anytime soon, though, things are already a bit too hectic when it comes to laundry and I don’t want to throw anything else into the mix. Because we are still living in the trailer, we haul all our laundry up to my parents, which is only a few minutes away, but it’s still a lot of hauling. If I stayed on top of it, instead of letting it pile knee-deep, it wouldn’t be such a heavy load, but that would be the smart thing to do and I don’t want to let the laundry win this battle!

In my defense, the weather this past week has been absolutely amazing. There were only one or two days that felt like the middle of October. The other ones were hot, sunny and gorgeous. We spent a lot of time outside- at the beach and in the yard. It was fantastic. It’s hard to compete with a beautiful Kodiak summer day, especially when it comes to laundry.